5 Key Components to Becoming a Fat Burning Machine

Do you want to lose weight? Maybe you want to get lean and build muscle? Maybe you want to get shredded abs or be toned. Or perhaps just develop the most attractive body you can and walk around feeling complete confidence…


Fat burn is the answer!


The goal is to transform your body into a fat burning machine so that your body automatically burns body fat as it’s primary source of fuel, even when you’re sleeping and not exercising. This has become my area of focus in fitness and diet since I discovered this and had my epiphany.


I have loved fitness for a number of years and have tried just about every workout and nutrition method and theory that you can name. Some methods gave me good results, but plateaued soon after, while others were just flat out flops. This left me feeling serious frustration and doubting if I could achieve my body goals.


Then I stumbled across this idea of fat burn as your primary focus.


Almost immediately after taking this lifestyle and fitness method on board 100% I saw incredible results that allows me to be constantly lean, have a low body fat percentage and still enjoy my relationship with food (a HUGE plus).


Now I follow this every day. I swear by fat burn. Now I want to share it with as many people as possible!


1. HOW you eat.


When we think of nutrition in general, we all think about just the types of food we should be eating to achieve our goals. However, I would argue that the WAY you eat is just as, if not more important than the actual food we consume.


Intermittent Fasting


This right here, in my opinion is the number one aspect to transforming your body into a fat burning machine.


Intermittent fasting is a simple eating pattern where an individual will have a limited period of time each day in which to eat. A typical method of “IF” is the 16/8 practice, where you fast for 16 hours a day with an 8 hour feeding window (usually eating within the hours of 12 noon until 8pm).


The main benefit of intermittent fasting is that it places you into fat burning mode as your primary source of fuel so that you’re burning fat without exercising and even when asleep! It also gives your digestive system a chance to do it job properly and get a break, a much more natural way of eating.


Think about it, for thousands of years human beings were hunter-gatherers and would often go long periods of time without having huge amounts of food available to eat. Only in the past hundred years or so has food been so plentiful in our lives and our bodies just haven’t had a chance for evolution to catch up to this abundance. It’s no wonder that this exact period of time has seen massive increases in overweight people and obesity.


But wont fasting cause me to lose muscle?


This is one of the most common concerns when considering adopting this eating method. However, consistent practice has been shown to increase human growth hormone (HGH) and when combined with progressive resistance training you can see significant results in muscle gain while maintaining a lean physique.


No other fitness and diet practice has made as big of an instant impact on my ability to burn fat and also how much I simply enjoy preparing and eating my food.


2. WHAT you eat.


It’s a simple scientific fact…


You are what you eat.


Every single cell that makes up your entire body is directly made up of what you eat, rather, what you ingest (most people view diet as only what they physically eat).


One of the trendiest and popular diets for weight and fat loss has become the ketogenic diet.


The keto diet is a low-carb, high fat diet that places your body in a metabolic state called ketosis.


When this happens, your body quickly becomes incredibly efficient at burning fat as it’s main fuel source.


It sounds counterintuitive to eat fat to lose fat as we have been fed false facts from reputable sources for decades, such as doctors, that fat and cholesterol causes many heart and health problems. However, many recent studies have blown these old thought patterns out of the water.


Another very simple dietary change is the elimination of simple carbs and sugar found in a wide variety of processed foods. Some of the easiest to cut out are any added sugars, low GI breads, limit pasta meals and alcohol.


I used to eat as much bread and pasta as anyone, and put sugar in just about anything you can think of! One by one, I began to eliminate these poisons on your body.


Once you have rid your precious body of these foods, you will truly feel their negative effects on the body when you reintroduce them even just once.


NOTE – We should be very careful when considering eliminating a certain food group or energy source all together. The current war on carbs that has been ushered in by these newer diet trends (that can be very effective when adopted periodically, not all year around) can be compared to the war on fats that is now officially over. Carbs are an essential nutrient for your body’s function. The war should be on simple carbs and sugars (high GI).


Eliminating carbs all together can cause your metabolism to slow and reverse your fat burning efforts.

3. Training.


Lift heavy weights


Probably the biggest aspect of training for fat loss is to life heavy weights 2-4 times a week.


The key here is to not get carried away and lift dangerously. “Heavy” is what feels heavy to you, no one else.




High Intensity Interval Training is a form of interval training that consists of periods of intense anaerobic exercise with short periods of less intense recovery periods.


HIIT has become hugely popular mainly due to how short the time period of actual work is needed to be effective (10-15 minutes is all that’s needed) and the convenience from the ability to do it anywhere!




Thank god for this…


Low Intensity Steady State cardio is basically the opposite of HIIT and is, in my opinion, the most under utilized form of exercise for any fitness goal period.


LISS is can be as easy as a 30+ minute walk or stint on an exercise bike and can be the most enjoyable workout possible because you can get so creative and social with it – a simple walk through a natural setting can quickly make you lose track of time and burn fat seemingly with no effort.


Fasted training


As the name suggests, this is simply performing any exercise while in a fasted state. This kicks fat burning into overdrive… however!


I strongly suggest you test the waters with simple exercise like LISS or yoga when testing out this fat burning tactic.


4. Sleep.


This one is very simple.


Sleep is body’s main form of recovery and is critical in all aspects of health.


In regards to burning fat, poor sleep can undo the benefits of dieting and reduce your body’s adaptation to the work you’ve been putting in at the gym.


5. Hydration.


You don’t have to be a genius to know that drinking enough water benefits the body in just about any way imaginable, so here I’m just going speak on a few ways that hydration directly affects your body’s fat burning mechanisms.


Believe it or not, even the simple act of digesting water burns calories! A small amount at that, but it quickly adds up over time. This is mainly caused by the body’s need to heat or cool the water to body temperature to properly allow it to do its thing in our system. So a little tip to effortlessly burn calories while staying hydrated is to drink either cold water or hot water in tea or coffee, as it obviously takes more energy to bring the temperature back to its sweet spot.


Water has also been found to have a huge effect on your overall metabolism and ability to burn calories efficiently.



So there you have it, 5 key areas that you can begin to work on and implement to begin your journey to becoming a fat burning machine!


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